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Our half day and full day excursions and walking tours were designed with you in mind.  A great Colorado program is not complete until participants have an opportunity to experience the beauty of their surroundings.  Don’t let a good conference suffer from too much business and not enough awe.  Yes, we know you can’t choose Colorado just on the basis of our great tours, but fortunately the Aspen / Vail / Snowmass Village communities are already famous for their full range of services:

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If you are a travel professional or the member of your group that everyone counts on to come up with a plan, Colorado Scenic Tour can make your job easier.  Whether walking tours are your primary interest, or you just need to include a few natural wonders as part of a larger tour program, we have designed our services to adapt to your requirements.

Outdoor activities available in Colorado are almost unlimited.  Cycling, rafting, fishing, ziplining; the lists go on for pages and pages.  “The Official Site of Colorado Tourism” –, gives 70 results just for a search on “rafting”.

So, put aside the activities for a moment – there are numerous opportunities throughout the Rocky Mountain region of Western Colorado.  Colorado Scenic Tour, as the name implies, builds your itinerary around beautiful places.   Among life’s simple pleasures there may be none greater than an easy walk to a spectacular view, and that idea is our starting point – you can add whatever level of excitement you want from there.  The suggestions on our home page are like a menu, with locations chosen for their special flavor, and you can combine them like a feast.  Because we provide you with planning assistance and transportation, we don’t need to favor any particular service or business or destination – our recommendations are based on the best interests of your group.

From airport arrival to the last bon voyage, CST can fulfill the tour you design.  Choose the number of days, level of accommodation, and add the destinations and activities your group prefers.  We’ll help assemble the pieces into a practical program that will exceed expectations.

Use the Reservations page for a general idea of our pricing policy as it relates to vehicle capacity.  However, we do have reduced rates for multiple day tours, and luggage requirements reduce the maximum seating capacity for our larger vehicles.  So, while we can still accommodate 6 people and luggage in a four wheel drive Suburban SUV, we limit our 14 seat vehicles to 10 guests, and our 25 seat buses to 20 passengers + luggage.

Visit our Multi-Day Tours page for an interactive map to help you get started, and send us an email to have your questions answered.

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